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We create art
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About Films

We get the best writers and planners, and with a lot of effort, we create something wonderful, something new, real cinema, with real emotions and with stories to tell. We are networking as well professionals by giving job opportunities

How do we work?

This is the process of making a film in Akida.


Before everything, we want to make sure that our next movie is going to be worth to watch. In a team, we have multiple meetings with brainstorming and ideas, and when we find the perfect one, we continue on writing the script.

The process takes around 1 to 2 months.


Before filming, we make sure we have the right crew and cast. That's why, before every production we open auditions for both crew and cast members and we always select the ones that deserve an opportunity. After finding the team we start filming.

This takes around 2 to 7 months.


After filming, we make sure that our editors have done the best possible for the result. We find fundamentally important to promote our movie the right way. Right after the editing is done, the movie is distributed to international film festivals, then to an official public premiere and then it finishes its journey to a distribution platform.

This takes around 4 to 13 months

Enter Contest

Do you have an idea for a movie?

We are open to new ideas. If you want to join the contest for the possibility of Akida producing your film, then enter a short synopsis on the text field, and upload the script on the file panel, as well as submit any other link related to the film.

Upload File

Thanks for submitting! We'll let you know if you win.


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