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Nick Kremm

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Nick Kremm (real name: Nikos Kremmydas) was born in Athens, Greece, in February 2006 and lived there until he and his family moved to Seville, Spain, in 2019. In Greece, Nick studied violin for 7 years and has been a musician ever since, playing the saxophone and piano. He also studied music at the Alimos Music School and participated in various bands, such as the Tomares Symphonic Band, from 2020 to 2022. In Athens, he trained in acting from a young age with some of Greece's most prominent theater directors, including Aristea Kondrafouri. In Spain, he began studying economics at Yago School, one of the top 100 schools in Spain according to Forbes magazine.


In 2020, Nick started getting involved in the audiovisual world, creating and publishing short videos with his brothers. He got the chance to make his first serious short film, "Destino," produced by Fran Expósito, who would later collaborate on many projects with Nick. "Destino" was selected for the Oregon Sci-Fi Film Festival and later became a semifinalist at the Pavlos Paraschakis Short Film Festival in Athens, Greece.

After his first short film, he began receiving numerous opportunities, such as auditions for Disney movies and more roles in short film production.


In 2022, he met Dimitris Pontikakis, with whom he decided to write and produce his greatest success to date, "La Máscara de Janus." This film took over a year to produce and had a grand premiere at the Avenida 5 Cines in Seville on September 6, 2023. However, the journey of this film didn’t end there, as it was later distributed on Prime Video in the U.S. and the UK.

In 2022, Nick moved to Bergen, Norway, to study media and television production at Amalie Skram VGS, the best school in Bergen. There, he obtained some of his greatest opportunities, working with top professionals in the country on films like "A Stylish Shirt" (as director of photography) and "Power Bank" (as the lead actor), directed by Los Angeles-based director Hanne Andersen. "Power Bank" premiered at the Bergen International Film Festival and was nominated as the best film in Western Norway. In May-June 2023, Nick Kremm had the opportunity to produce his last film as an actor in Norway with the best youth production company (Rett Vest Film), according to many Norwegian magazines. The film, titled "The Road Not Taken," (as the lead actor), was written by William Myrmellom and directed by Isabel Nielsen.

While in Norway, Nick Kremm was closely involved with the West Norwegian Film Centre and also produced a film podcast on Spotify with their sponsorship. He was also part of the Amalie Skram Revyen band, one of Bergen's most significant events each year, playing the saxophone.

Back in 2022, Nick founded Akida Corporation, a youth media company with his friend and colleague Dimitris Pontikakis, which later evolved into the Akida International Film Festival. At just 16 years old, Nick, with the financial support of his parents, formalized the festival, sponsored by Unión Cine Ciudad.

The first edition of Akida took place from September 2 to 9, 2023, at Avenida 5 Cines and Multicines Metromar, marking a successful debut with over 1,000 attendees, including 120 professionals from Spain and Italy.

In 2023, Nick Kremm returned to Seville and began his final year of high school at the Art School of Seville in the Pavilion of Chile. During this period, he participated mainly in productions such as music videos ("El Pecao," by Rubén Avilés), ("X Tonterías," by Daniel Doncia), and feature films like "Ahmar, Siempre Quedarán Cenizas," directed by Raúl Márquez, Águeda Crespo, and Lucas Naranjo. In 2024, he appeared in a TV interview on the Canal Sur show "Una De Cine" with Manuel Bellido.

Currently, Kremm is focusing full-time on the Akida International Film Festival, which has now been taken over by the International Creative Media Alliance, a non-profit cultural youth organization.

In summary, Nick’s career has been marked by over 20 productions since 2021 and 9 awards and nominations, attracting media attention with his recent works such as "La Máscara de Janus" and the Akida International Film Festival.

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