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Agustín Claros is now streaming his two newest films in Seville.

Sevillian director, writer, and producer, Agustín Claros recently premiered his newest feature film "The Reason Is Found by the Guilty" (La Razon la Encuentran Los Culpables) in the Theatre of Gutierrez de Alba in Alcalá de Guadaira in Seville, Spain.

He has officially announced the premiere of his latest short film "In What Can I Help?" (En Que Puedo Ayudarle), which will also take place in the Theatre Viento Sur in Seville and is going to be streamed his previous film too.

The tickets are now sold online and by calling the number: +34 619 778 055. The tickets are selling fast, and that is why you should book them now to be able to find them. The screenings are going to take place in the 8th of January 2023. "In What Can I Help" is going to start at 17.00 and "The Reason Is Found by the Guilty" is starting at 18.00.

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Nick Kremm
Nick Kremm
Dec 18, 2022


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