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How to find a good story for a film?

At Akida, our main goal is to network and meet new filmmakers and film professionals, but our second goal is to prepare them and teach them about how to get things done correctly.

This blog is by Nick Kremm, CEO of Akida and film director, explaining in simple words how to start with your movie.

FILMING: A Small Guide on how to make cinema and make a difference.

Okay, now you have the motivation, and you know what "steps" you have to take. You open google docs, and suddenly, you can't find ideas. That's sad, isn't it? And here I am to help you.

Let's see, in the beginning, I told you that I am always directing films that interest my ideology and my concerns of life. And I'll tell you what, you will always have a better result on things that you like. For example, I can't direct sci-fi, or horror. That's just impossible for me, I have realised after my experience, that I am really good filming dramas, and romance. Yes, I am a romantic person.

So let's say you watch La La Land (My favourite film of all time, I'll say later why), and you suddenly want to make something similar. A happy, nostalgic musical. Got it! It would be nice. But set your goals down, for the beginning. Find a concept in life that you worry or are interested in. Did you find it? Perfect. Now you have to develope a story around it, you have to find a way to surround that though of yours into a short or long story, put characters (many times they can be based on your personality, and that is how it is going to be easier for you to direct too).

It's always constantly thinking and thinking. You have to think A LOT. Because many times you have gaps in the story, something doesn't seem right, or it seems too funny to fit in. That is why I recommend spending the most time thinking about the story and not about the gear (for now).

What is considered a good story? Well, a good story is considered good when:

- It is original and brings new thoughts to people's minds.

- It has a flow, meaning that there is motivation in the journey of the characters, meaning that people can understand clearly what happens.

- It is in concept, it doesn't confuses people with the goal of the writer.

- The end is either satisfying or de-satisfying but it's clear.

- The characters are build very very well, and the reader/ viewer understands each personality and adapts to one, depending on their preferences.

Okay, now that you got that steps, go on, start writing. I will tell you something for sure. If you follow every step, there is no way you can fail. By the time that you will know every little detail about the story you can easily make dialogues from it. Maybe you will face some problems.

My most common is getting de-motivated. Stopping to work for a while because you got tired and you are saying to yourself "I will need a break". But hey, it's OK. I personally work a CRAZY lot. You can't even imagine how much. And once in a while, I of course get de-motivated. My solution/ excuse for that is to take a break, stop thinking about the work for a week, and come fresh ready to take the job back with new ideas and a full battery. Of course, as filmmakers we can face more problems while writing a script, and that's why I am here!

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