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Interview with Nick Kremm

This past week, Akida CEO, Nick Kremm met the chairman of board at Brenn UB, Erlend Svensson. Nick answered a lot of questions about his professional life and his work in Akida. Watch the whole interview right down below!

The interview was around 19 minutes long, with a variety of questions. Nick notices how difficult was the decision to do the festival, and how risky is for the whole profile of Akida.

Nick talks about his experience in his norwegian lifestyle as well as his controversial ideas about countries.

Erlend Svensson, chairman of board at Bernn UB was very curious about Akida's work and this is why we arranged this very interesting interview. Brenn UB is a youth company located in Bergen, Norway and was made up by students from Amalie Skram, their goal is to create a more sustainable way to recycle paper and at the same time use it for our favour. Check out more about them at .

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