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Tension between "Janu's Mask" production

By September 2022, Nick Kremm officially published the announcement that "Janu's Mask", a short film by Akida Films in collaboration with the Film Office and the Municipality of Seville will continue filming during 2023 due to a lack of information on the story.

Officially the filmings were planned for Christmas and after, especially, during the week of 15 and 20 December but now the production team is discussing re-shooting scenes that were not taken part in the thought of re-filming.

The film's teaser trailer was released back in June and it was planned on doing an official premiere on Christmas, but due to the changes, it might even take until September of 2023. By that,t we can understand that the current trailer going to be replaced by new scenes and new characters as Nick Kremm states:

"We added new characters and new plots that are going to change the story"

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