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We announce the Akida International Film Festival

The Akida Team officially announces the 1st edition of the AIFF (Akida International Film Festival) which is going to take part in Seville, Spain during the year 2023.

Still frame from "When the Time is Up", directed by Miguel Gómez Abad.

The dates are not officially announced yet, but we can be sure that the event is either going to be in March or September of 2023. The festival has received more than 300+ movies and it's still in the process of the official selection of films big decisions might take place which might change the course of the festival.

Still frame from "Sea Light", directed by John Doe.

The festival's entry rules are very strict and very selective, and that's because we provide the best film quality in Europe and one of the best worldwide. Films from Turkey, Japan, the UK, the US, France, and much more countries are already selected for our 1st edition, and those that are selected already are visible on our social media platforms as well as our site.

Tickets are going to start selling 1 month before the events happen and people are going to be able to buy them online, from local businesses in Seville, and directly from the cinema counter right before the screening. We provide VIP tickets too, in which the person is going to be able to get unlimited screenings, free food, and private time with the directors of the films.

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