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We expect 4 movies in the next 3 years produced by Akida Films.

Since last June, Akida Films has been filming "Janu's Mask", a story about a young man desperate about his life, living a dream. Janu's Mask is a short film still being filmed and it's going to do a big premiere in the summer of 2023.

But how many movies should we expect in the next years apart from Janu's Mask? Akida Films has publicly announced the beginning of the first feature film ever produced. The movie is going to be filmed in Bergen, Norway, and directed by Nick Kremm. From what we know, for now, the production is still doing the auditions for the roles but Nick Kremm himself has announced its festival application to the Cannes Film Festival, Bergen International Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, and Sevilla International Film Festival.

By the years 2023 and 2024, Akida is going to collaborate with Estudios Aroisa and Agustin Claros to produce a feature-length film as known for now "Irrational Thinking". Director and producer Agustin Claros has already published the cover of the script as well as Nick Kremm states "It's a movie already scripted by him and I am very happy that he chose to collaborate with me as a director. I think we will be a good team and we could make a piece of art if we put all our effort on it".

By 2024, Akida Films is going to produce another short film about the famous story of the backrooms and a fake simulation of a man. We are can't state more as the short film is highly confidential for now.

By 2024 - 2025, Akida is planning on producing a sci-fi movie in the desert of Tenerife based on a fantasy story of a cosmonaut whose spacecraft crashed on a planet close to Venus. We don't know further information about the specific movie, but as Nick Kremm states again, it is going to be one of the most exciting movies ever produced by a production company in Seville.

The next 3 years are very hardworking and dedicated to the staff in Akida Corp. as we hear from the administration heads. All auditions and castings for the following movies to come are going to be published in our social media and our website.

- Akida Corporation,


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