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Destiny is based on the meaning of life and death. About communication with ourselves and the response we have. Is it important to take sometime and think about us, and our existence? I found out that with the process of being alone with myself, I found out many things about me, and I mostly evolutionated into what I am now.

A girl is talking to herself. In the movie, herself is shown as a real figure, but that's just an allegory for how much presence we feel from ourselves when we talk to them.

Suddenly, she somehow sees herself, and the reason for such a difference between the two, even in gender, is because, in reality, we are the exact opposite of ourselves, we just think the same as them and after logic is carried out, we agree and make a decision (for example).


In the end, "Me" (the girl), discovers that she is a victim of a murder and she lives in another dimension in which she thinks she is still alive.

The "fake dimension" indicates the denial she had over the truth. Herself was concious about her false reality and was trying to tell her over the conversation but she was too scared to see it.


When the film starts, we can see very dark shots, with the faces almost impossible to see. This is because "Me" is still in her shadow. She is not aware of the light, the truth. When she has the flashback from her murder, all the shots from there are very clear and lighty.

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