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Privacy & Security

Please read carefully all the points in order to understand the way in which we work. If you disagree with one point, you should stop using the site. We are following every point with a lot of consideration and we take no exceptions.

When signing up

When a new member signs up to our database, we collect limited data for security reasons. The data we collect are: email, name, personal information such as location, phone number and job title in the film industry.

We dedicate our time on making the member's experience in our site the best possible, but at the same time, the member has to follow the subscription rules.

1. The relation between the member must be respectful.

2. The platform was made for very specific reasons: connect filmmakers, either by the public groups, by the festival, or by recruiting them into our movie productions.

3. No member should leak confidential information in case of a technical problem.

4. The members have the right to publish/ contribute to the groups in whichever way they please, unless the concept of the post is not related to the audiovisual industry.


Akida Films

At Films, we use a very strict policy on our recruitment of crew members, as well as a high confidentiality on our information.

- When recruiting, we ask for personal information to secure the enviroment of the workplace. If the person, doesn't provide the information needed, then we can't continue with the process of recruiting.

- If a person is hired to a film set, we continue keeping its information forever, until he/she signs a final contract paper. We keep all info until forever to be able to hire that person in future productions, and to be able to network that person to other companies/ clients. (NOTICE: When we network a person to another company/ client we have an income from thy company/ client as an exchange of job opportunity).

- All the movies produced by "Akida Films" are copyrighted in the name of Akida Corporation, and it's PROHIBITED to use any kind of sound, music, image, video or other form of property of Akida for personal income. In that case, Akida could move against that person/ business with a lawsuit.



Please, if you are a filmmaker/ producer or distributor, before submitting your film to our festival read carefully our policies:

- Akida uses confidential information of each film submitted even if the film is not selected. We may use information from the film but we do not sell/ distribute or publish any of that information before the filmmaker/ producer/ distributor is informed and has given us their consent.

- When going through the judging status process, we may send the filmmaker a "Pre-selection" letter. The pre-selection letter is not official and it does not indicate that the film is selected. The pre-selection letter always comes before the notification date and it means that the film has passed to the next level of the consideration.

- We ask to all filmmakers submitting to our festival to be part of our platform and even if not selected, make part of our networking strategies.


-The filmmaker/ producer/ distributor has to follow the festival rules before submitting, if not, the film is disqualified automaticaly.



At Akida we sell personalised products to all people, worldwide. Before buying, please read carefully:

- All our products are produced by a second factor manufacturer. That means, that Akida does not manufacture the products and does not own factories or have hired people to produce those products.

- If you order a product and it's never delivered, you have to open a case to our platform. We will make sure that all the steps you took were right and get a refund OR get your product.

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